3D Files Light Edition

There are a range of design files for the Light Edition, see the main repository here: https://github.com/Open-Smartwatch/3d-files. The 3D case designs are optimized for FDM based 3D printers. The major difference of the designs is for which LiPo battery it has been created. See Hardware for the recommended batteries.

Note about PCB thickness: Most of the cases are designed for a 1.6mm PCB, which should also fit a 0.8mm PCB. If the file name explicitely says 0.8mm, it will not fit a 1.6mm PCB. If you create case designs, please keep this in mind and add the pcb thickness to the file name.

Important Assembly Notes

⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ When assembling any watch case, please make sure to

  • insulate the flex cable, to avoid shorts when pressing down on the display (best: kapton tape on the entire back of the LCD)
  • the current case designs don't have sufficient room to assemble/disassemble the watch more than a few times. there will be a fix for the cases soon, until then carefully carve out the case until the display fits with not walls pressing against the flex cable. See 3d-files/issues/13.


The cases are or should be designed for a layer height of 0.1mm and 100% infill. All files are printable without support, given the right orientation. Some of the -top parts are face down (rotated 180 degrees), if the underside is not flat. No solid wall/plane should be thinner than 0.8mm.

Round LiPo

Light Flex Buttons (20mm Straps)

This case consists of an outer shell (PLA/...) and a soft inner shell (TPU). All parts can be printed without supports, the top cases need to be facing down. Recommended for 0.2mm layers. Repository.

Rectangular LiPo

Basic Case (20mm Straps)

This is a design for the rectangular LiPo. It consists of a top, middle and bottom piece. There is an alternative top to allow the insertion of a 36mm glass. Repository.

Basic Case (Printed Straps)

Prusa SL1 Supports

Light Edition, case 1.6mm pcb, 20mm straps with pregenerated supports: Download