The default analog watchface.

Steps are shown in the blue circle, a full rotation is 10800 steps.


When applying dual time mode Display Dual-Time Hour Tick for analog clocks, the analog clocks display dark-colored hour hands.


The default digital watchface.

Steps are shown as a number at the bottom of the screen.


The default mix watchface.

Steps are shown as a step-history frame at the bottom of the screen.


The default digital dual-time watchface.

Based on the animation bar representing the common time in seconds, the top is local and the bottom is dual time.


The default fitness-tracking watchface.

It shows steps, calories, and distance during the day.


The default binary watchface.

Steps are shown as a hexadecimal number at side of the screen.


The default Monotimer watchface.

Since a monotimer-clock has only a single hand, you read both the hours and minutes from the position of it. First, you read the hours by finding the nearest hour from the left (clockwise) of the hand. Then you read the Minutes by looking at the ticks between the hour tick and the hand. The smallest tick stands for a 5 minute intervall, the next bigger one for 15 minutes and the biggest one for 30 minutes (see image). For example, the clock from the image shows the time between 9:25 and 9:30.

The steps are displayed in the center of the clock. If the daily step goal is reached, the text color changes from InfoColor to SucessColor.


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